The move...

So, I'm working on moving things over to MoveableType, at adam.haberlach.org. It just feels right.

I'm going to work out something for getting my posts to bounce over to livejournal, however. The community aspects are just too hard to give up.

(no subject)

Well, I got my pictures up. Looks like I've got 6 that I liked enough to post, since I'm still not one for snapshots. I like them, though.


(My own little ego reminds me to tell you that if you want a copy of the images, please ask, and if you plan on printing them, ask for a full-resolution version)

Also, any suggestions, tips, or comments are appreciated, either directly in the gallery, or here.

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Whew. I've been back at work for 2 hours and I've already spoken to 5 customers. Busy day.

Had a good weekend in Santa Barbara visiting Linda's aunt. Good weather. Good pictures (up later). The weather around here, however, sucks today.